Disinfection Day ACM Meeting

Posted by UNK on September 25, 2014

Disinfection and Computer Service day will occur on Saturday April 18th, 2015.
A registration site has been setup at acm.unk.edu/disinfection.

Training day will occur on April 16th, 2015 at 4:30PM in the Special Projects Lab (OTOL 117)

Multi-touch surface frame fabricated and powder-coated!

Posted by Jason on December 10, 2010

Earlier this week I got a call from Lederman’s steel shop with the news that the steel structure for the new multi-touch surface has been fabricated! This morning I took all the raw steel pieces down to ACE Irrigation and got them to powder-coat the steel pieces to protect them against rust and other wear in the future. Luckily for us, they completed all of the work today, so right now there is a mighty fine looking multi-touch structure sitting in the special projects room in Otto Olsen, so go check it out!

Over the Winter Break there is still some work to be done, contact Jason if you want to lend a hand!

Multi-touch Interaction Group begins designing new surface

Posted by Jason on September 27, 2010

Last week the Multi-touch Interaction Group met up and talked about a new multi-touch surface planned for this fall. Jason is documenting this project on his blog so you can read about how exactly this surface works. The ACM@UNK forums have a section for this group so you can ask questions and learn more about the project.

The group is waiting on some lasers and related parts to be ordered, but it will meet up again in about a week. So if you want to get involved keep an eye out for more information!

Meeting notes – 09.02.2010

Posted by Jason on September 2, 2010

Please make a basic thread in the Introductions forum just to introduce yourself and post any contact info you’re willing to give out. Also please vote on the day of the week you’d like to have ACM@UNK meetings in the Announcements and News forum.

Furthermore we discussed the three sub-groups in ACM@UNK and what they will be about. These groups will have their own projects, meeting times and mentors so join whichever one(s) you think sound like the most fun and get active!

- See the Robotics Group for info about the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition
- See the Multi-touch Interaction Group for info about the new MT surface to be built this fall

Click here for a PDF of the full agenda + project ideas from this meeting [PDF]

Welcome to the new ACM + press coverage!

Posted by Jason on August 20, 2010

Classes are about to start on Monday and we already have considerably more members than we have in the past couple years! The ACM is about more than boring analytical computer science, its about using technology in new and creative ways and is therefore open for all students and faculty from any department, so become a member now if you haven’t already!

But if you’re here you’ve probably heard me say that at least once, so, moving on to the next topic, check this out: our New Media Lab is being featured in the Kearney Hub!

Check out the article right here: http://bit.ly/c1Lzln .

Thanks to Rebecca McMickell for writing the article, Brad Norton for photos and Sara Giboney for considering the topic!